How to sport the perfect Boho chic look

The Boho or the Bohemian fashion trend started as a way of protesting everything that had been stereotyped into the society. It was also greatly inspired by the free spirited hippies during the 1960s and the 1970s. This fashion style had a very spirited and the freedom loving aspect of itself, a strong expression of wanting to break free from the rules. The Boho style still remains very much in trend and is like a breath of air, especially when the fashion gets too standardized.

Bohemian fashion includes flowy dresses and skirts, ethnic prints, beads, fringed bags and ankle boots, peasant blouse, embellished flats, wooden jewelry, amongst others. This very spectacular look is often accompanied by layers and bright colors.

Given below are a few tips on how to sport the perfect Boho-chic

  1. Stock up on some loose maxi skirts

Maxi skirts are the most basic elements of Bohemian fashion. It immediately adds an unconventional look to your style. You can also play around with them, creating a number of different looks. Maxi skirts can be paired with anything from sleeveless tops to T-shirts. The material should, however, be free flowing otherwise it could end up looking puffy, which is not what you want. You can get both the solid print skirts as well as the ones with ethnic prints. The main point, however, should be to keep the tones light and playful.

  1. Switch to ankle boots and embellishes flats

Ankle boots are very definitive of Bohemian style. However, they should not be too close fitting or they will destroy the entire look. Ankle boots that are loose around the ankles are the best. Wear them with any garment and they will instantly define the look. You may wear them with jeans, high skirts, low skirts, tiered skirts, almost anything and they will serve their purpose quite well. If you are wearing long maxi skirts, pairing them with embellished flat would take the look to another level.

  1. Headbands

In Bohemian fashion, accessories play a central role, they provide the gravity to the look. If you are just starting out with Bohemian style, you can go for a thin headband or a headwrap, with a flower crown if possible. You can buy bohemian headbands  online and offline markets. They also do not cost much. As you start to master the look, you can move over to broader and bigger ones that make a stronger statement.

  1. Knitted wears

Knitted tops and cardigans make great statement pieces in Bohemian fashion. They should, however, be somewhat lacy and see-through versions instead of compact knitting. The lacy tops can be worn over tank tops and sleeveless maxi skirts to create a cool and outlandish look. These knitted tops and cardigans also make a bohemian style applicable all year round, be it summer or winter.

  1. Floppy brimmed hats

You do not have to go for the expensive wide brimmed hats. A simple straw hat should do the work. Combining flowy, printed maxis with flats, straw hats and sunglasses would make a great staple for summers.

  1. Tunic T-shirts

Tunic tops are very integral to Bohemian fashion. They can come in varying lengths. If the length is long enough to fall below the mid thighs, you can wear them as dresses as well. If he tunic tops come in neutral colors like nude, off white or gold, you can use golden and silver jewelry to make statement looks. You can also pair these tunics with jeans and skirts.

  1. Geometric prints

Bold geometric prints take the bohemian fashion to another level. The prints can be used on anything from skirts to wide palazzos to top. There should, however, be a balance, so that you don’t end up looking like a circus clown. For example, if you are wearing an ankle length flowy printed skirt, wear a neutral shade over the top. Pairing the skirt with a nude sleeveless top with some large jewel earrings and flat sandals would make for a chic at the same time independent look.

  1. Chunky jewelry

Bohemian jewelry is usually very unique in design and made out of eccentric items such as wood, feather, coral, suede, and turquoise. Generally, they have intricate designs that are also not very bulky. Hanging feathers, oversized hoops and dangling earrings, wooden or metal bangles and statement necklaces are the popularly used Bohemian jewelry.

  1. Flared jeans

Flared jeans always look very cool and laid back, thus defining the essence of Bohemian fashion. These are also inexpensive and super comfortable. The flared jeans can be paired with high-heeled boots, hats, and shades for a cool effect. Although he flared jeans may not be very popular in the current fashion scenario, you can always rock, bohemian fashion with these, also provided that you accessorize it right.

New Wardrobe

How to Shake-Up Your Style

I find myself as of late disliking the outfits I’ve concocted in the past and even on occasion, the ones I put together day-to-day. So I’ve been pondering why exactly that is and I conclude that I am stuck in a rut. Simply, my problem is boredom.

I find myself feeling a bit “blah” rather than fabulous because I end up throwing on the same things over and over again. I keep looking at other people and thinking, “how the hell do they manage to be so content in their style and look good in their own unique way?!” (I’m talking bloggers mostly, but in real life too) And I’ve found I end up looking at my possessions and thinking that the only way out of this small predicament is by buying a whole new wardrobe.

For most of us though, buying a whole new wardrobe is simply not an option. And when looked at from a sensible frame of mind, it’s not a solution to the problem (especially if, like me, you have items which are unique or dear to you in some way). Style after all, has nothing to do with what you are wearing; it is how you are wearing it that matters. Yet, no matter how developed your sense of personal style is, I’m fairly sure we all suffer from style boredom from time to time…Here are a few of the things I like to do to get back my mojo!

Inspiration – a lack of inspiration or lack of fresh/different inspiration is often one of the main causes of style boredom I find. Sometimes, I do have to be in the frame of mind to be inspired, but when I’m feeling a bit low with regards to my fashion sense, manufacturing an inspired frame of mind can help! Why not try looking somewhere you normally would never think to look? If you’re an avid blog fan, why not take a break and read a magazine instead? Or why not randomly browse the fashion blog world and discover a brand new blog which inspires you? Or why not venture out of fashion completely and look at some art, read a good book, watch a film, listen to some different music, marvel at the wonders of nature or take a walk in a city and just people watch. You know yourself best, so you’ll be the one who knows what will make you tick!

Take a break – After all my wittering about re-inspiring yourself, this is somewhat of a contradiction. Sometimes though, the problem is that you can become overwhelmed with life, ideas etc. that you have no clue where to start! I find that it’s wonderful just taking a little break from thinking, so you can just live instead. Things come together in the end and there is no point worrying about your style to the point that it seems to be a burden rather than an enjoyment!